Monday, August 15, 2011

One Single Day

Bending moralities line
Is it just a lie?
This reflection summoned and ignited
Within the depths of my being
I can’t believe what it is i’m seeing
Moments gone astray
I’ve longed for this day
Asteroids, stars
And galaxies implode
Across a dimpled sky
As the answer rains down
In a dimension where time is no more
Just look what it has found
My souls biggest secret
Recognition of a second self
Floats on the brim of consciousness
Daring to be let out
Though once it is set free
And the appearance turns to
A piece of me
Will stand no match
To the void it will catch
as blank stares review and walk away
Would my soul have been mistaken?
Or the universe has a game
To juggle time
Lead our path between different trees
To plant new seeds
And the forest will live beneath
 a roaring sky
Or everything we’ve planted will die
 in an assortment
Of barren disappointment
Burnt down by the very passion
that shot up from its roots
This world
never stood a chance
with one single day
where nothing now can remain the same.

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