Saturday, November 20, 2010


Unspoken things take flight
From under this wing-
and a menacing wave of dreams
peel through the film of my lashes
through the smoke i see the ashes
dawn is cracking
With an echo to bleed the deaf blind
A withering glimpse
At a different descent
The inevitable passage of time
A rift of light
Falls through this space

We lie
while we lie
With heaviness upon our form
Tangled in naked warmth

Vivid in the muted stillness of morning

Illumination scatters upon loose lids of these eyes
Opened to define
the limit in this light
a smile painted on your

(Awaiting awake)

this flutter twists to trepidation
forget what i know
dig deeper for what i hope
to find
this fathom i’ve sought out
i’m still looking for
i find myself restless under pillows
i step to the floor
and this faint of fog is burning off
i stumble over your words
overturned in search 
those vaguely obscure
simple silent sounds
draw nearer to me
an unspoken perception
blanketed by hope and weary
from a peripheral place
i see a door
swing heavy to my left
ignition through curiosity
i stand once more
where i stood before

a timid walk
through the threshold of this door
brings wicked
clarity ... 
we walk
lucidity and me

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