Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Pretty matter
With ribbons tied
And all the things
Money can bring
And growing up
Is for princesses
Not kings
Though inside the man
There is a boy
Tied in pretty pink bows
Bound to a party
Where no one will show
Just send a check
Or make it two
I have my prize
It’s in my smile
And it didn’t cost a thing
But brushing my teeth
And that’s enough for me
these shoes provide the map
to mediocrity
as it’s called
but the middle of the road
is better than the shoulder
as it’s cold
on nights like these
maybe the bow will put off some heat
until its sold
for a heap of solid gold
to pave the street
there is no detour
for you, my friend
and a dead end will run circles into a pen
and cage your tired soul
until the wandering stops
and you're alone
i will jump the fence
let the beach
and grass
climb upon my bare feet
and toes
and sand will mark the time
it took for you to realize
the difference in our roads

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