Saturday, November 26, 2011


My moon
Has many hollowed out trenches
by the pull of disappointment
and the weight of such gravity
If i so ever were to call upon you, moon
To shine throughout each breaking dawn
I understand if you respond
With impossible
I will wait For the night
To reflect onto me
As your furrow takes to leveling off
This horizon
will disappear
and you and i
will rise and fall
For tomorrow
And the day after
But with each new moon
you see through the shadows
to me
mark my path
Light my way
And i will hold your heart
for all to see
i will hold your hand
As my own have taken to a red hue
And i never was much for
Wearing shoes
So i will not run
But will you walk with me?
Over coals of fire or water or sand
If we so ever slip down
I’m here for the wandering
The finding our way back
Because These traveling feet
Lead not the way out of
And away
But into
something deep
For we will always get lost
Until darkness descends
And my world is yours to illuminate
my moon shall not cast upon
An impossible embarking path
As each new dawn breaks
As long as we stay
this way
we’ll find our way back.

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