Thursday, December 22, 2011

Inexorable Recognition

Metronome antennae
Sways lazily back and forth
A foreboding silence
I watch
Searching for the meaning of this transcendent realization
Time is running low?
As is my trust
In these long shot signs with their subtle meanings of profound glory
“i’ve discovered the meaning of life!”
Its just the rhythm of time
that shifts this antennae through my thoughts
This empty mind
As blind
as it may seem now
There’s got to be a way out of this hopeless tunnel
I fumble down the darkness
Arms outspread
searching for impossibility
Brail will help the blind
I’m left only to find
a scene too promising for me
Too good to be considered
Lost souls have driven their hearts
Pounded in chests
And pennies in wells
Twin fates intermingle and coincide
But only for this passing place in time
Can it ever be longer than a split second chance,
Or does it always have to end with a slow dance?
With notes of music displaying the triumph of trounce
Floating over the ashes
In another desolate burning room
That permeates the scent of time
We are so desperate
So vividly blind
But when the incessant tick of metronome vocals lay tranquil
I hope to play our music loud and dance with our trials.

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