Friday, March 23, 2012

Won't Soon be Forgotten

You invited me in
The choice was made
a gory grin
hidden behind your viscid
saccharine words
the pieces are still littered
Try to sweep up
The lies you tell yourself
And what you tell
The splintering truth
Left shaking
Belief in your intention
I was granted such naiveté
Your buried malice
An axe designed to lay its prey
Comfortably and sweet
Before the decapitation
The choice was made
The truest sacrifice
To maintain this infectious charade
Like poison in my veins
An ominous beacon of revenge
Now shrouded in omniscience
Rings true in the end
Because you don’t know
The level of my own
We have become one
Desinence has dried
at the corner of my lips
Nothing can change
The choice that was made.
So sleep well tonight
With a noose around your neck
Blanketed by your facade
I hold the last maniacal laugh
Close to my chest
In darkness
And a locket clenched between a closed fist.

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